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Grow your Own Veg Plots

From plot to pot, there's nothing quite so satisfying as growing your own veg.

We'll advise you on what will grow best in your garden and we'll help you to create the perfect conditions for your vegetables to thrive.

From cold frames and mini-beds to raised timber beds and potages, we'll get you started no matter how large or small your space.

One of the skills of a landscaper is to see beyond an overgrown jungle to a vision of what can be created even in a relatively small space.
The new vegetable garden that otherwise was a piece of land without a purpose. With five raised beds (and three compost bins) in its first season it produced peas, potatoes, radish, lettuce, beans, onion, kohlrabi, cabbage, brussels sprouts, carrot, parsnip, beetroot, rocket, garlic, raspberries and strawberries.