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Rockeries and Planting Schemes

Successful gardening relies on understanding the needs of each individual plant. Some plants prefer shade, some will only prosper in full sun, some are drought tolerant whilst others prefer boggy conditions.

With our horticultural expertise we create planting schemes and decorative rockeries that will thrive and bring pleasure for years to come. Our ethos is to create designs that reflect your individual taste from the contemporary and architectural to the informal 'English Country Garden' – schemes that provide for all year round interest as well as providing colour, shape and texture.

We offer straightforward practical advice on what will grow well and look fantastic in your garden based on your layout, aspect, soil structure and soil conditions.

We source high quality shrubs, plants and trees from local nurseries and plant them with tender loving care.
Our client regularly enjoys visiting Scotland and in particular Orkney – we created a small ‘standing stone’ feature to remind him of his favourite holiday destination.
A rockery brings dimension, interest, texture and colour to your landscape. In this case our clients wanted us to incorporate two of their existing sculptures to add further interest.
One way to create a low maintenance border is to lay weed suppressing landscape membrane over soil. The addition of gravel delivers a decorative finish. This border has been planted up to provide all year round interest.